BE A PRO Series: Solo Session

Continuing our BE A PRO Series with a SOLO SESSION! Let’s talk about paying the price for success   Today I talked about:   📍 If you want to achieve massive success you have to be willing to pay a non negotiable price 📍 You have to be willing to sacrifice 📍 You have to…

BE A PRO Series: with Isaac Stegman

Isaac Stegaman joins me for our BE A PRO Series and I am PUMPED about it! There’s a lot of value here so get ready!   Isaac and I discussed: 📍Not limiting your choices because of your mindset 📍Getting comfortable with change 📍Staying ready so when an opportunity rises you can take full advantage of…

BE A PRO Series: Solo Session

I am PUMPED to be continuing the BE A PRO Series today with a solo session!   Let’s talk about midyear goals!   Today I talk about a few things to always keep in your mind 📍 Treasure is out there 📍 You will find it 📍 It is going to be worth it  …

BE A PRO Series: with Karon Riley

Starting our BE A PRO Series off strong with Karon Riley! I picked the PERFECT person to kickoff this series! He knows a thing or two about uncovering greatness.    Karon and I discussed    📍 Intentional direction 📍 Never losing sight of the plan 📍 “Sharpening your sword in silence” and what that means …

BE A PRO Series: Introductory Session with Jimmy Farris

IT’S KICKOFF DAY! I’m so excited to kick off the BE A PRO Series! I can’t wait to see how much greatness we can uncover together! In this series, I’ll be interviewing experts to give you the specific how-to’s to accomplish your goals while making a positive impact on others and learning how to be…

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